Do I have a dry mouth?

The signs of a dry mouth can range from quite mild to very severe. Some people might not even know they have a dry mouth. If you are concerned about your dry mouth you should speak to your dentist, doctor or pharmacist.

Diagnosing a dry mouth

Your healthcare professional will ask you in greater details about any dry mouth signs you are experiencing, your medical history, and the medication you are taking (which includes prescription, non-prescription and herbal remedies).

Your dentist may conduct some examinations to identify the causative factors of a dry mouth, such as:

  • A comprehensive physical examination of your mouth and inner cheeks.
  • Tooth examination – the dentist may check the pattern of tooth decay, signs of cavity or tooth decay.
  • Saliva tests –which measure the flow of saliva and the condition of your salivary glands.
  • Special blood tests for diseases which are associated with dryness.